ProNav 4.3 quot; Truck GPS Dedicated Navigation solution for trucks RVs caravans and large vehicles

ProNav 4.3 Truck GPS Dedicated Navigation solution for trucks, RVs, caravans and large vehicles Product Description ProNav 4.3 PNN200Truck GPS The PNN200 is specifically designed for truck drivers, it is not comparable to the normal car GPS it has different features - ProNav allows you to enter your trucks details such as weight, height, axel weight, hazardous goods ect- ProNav will route you based on your vehicles details avoiding bridges, weight restricted roads, tunnels ect- ProNav gives you warnings for steep hills, cross winds, sharp bends ect- Points of interest for truck drivers such as weigh bridges, road houses, fuel stations ect - One touch switch to regular car navigation - BlueToothand FM transmitter- Speed Camera Alerts using Roadsense data- Unlimited andMultistop journey planning- Australiaand New Zealand NAVTEQ mapping

Specification Automatically navigates around - Low Bridges - Narrow Roads - No Truck/HGV areas - Restricted areasColour Black. Warranty 365 Days

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