SAMSUNG C550 DVD PLAYER Product Description Precision playback and premium picture quality put Samsung DVD players at the top of their class. With unique features that guarantee playability and enhanced multimedia connectivity, they make entertainment look and feel more real. USB Host The USB Instant Play feature allows you to connect digital devices such as cameras, mp3 players, and external HDDs and enjoy instant playback of your favourite files. And, the innovative CD Ripping feature enables CDs to be inserted and converted to mp3 format so that they can be stored and enjoyed wherever, whenever. The smart way to a perfect picture. The last thing you want to do is spend time tweaking the settings trying to optimise the picture quality. Let Samsungs BD Wise technology take care of that for you by automatically syncing all of your HDMI-connected Samsung components delivering dazzling picture quality that brims with bold colours and sharp images. Plays perfectly through scratches, smudges and tilts. Whether its a scratch or finger mark interrupting your film, Samsungs Defect Disc Recovery Solution automatically makes all the necessary adjustments to deliver a crystal clear picture so you never have to get off the couch. And our Rolling Actuator Technology makes sure a curved or tilted disc surface wont sabotage your quiet night in either. Just get comfy, press play and let Samsung do the rest. Keep in touch with your system. Samsungs unique Touch Sensor controls allow you to easily control your home theatre system with the tips of your fingers. Each touch and tap delivers an emotional response which makes navigating your systems features and intuitive and efficient experience. Anynet+ Simplify your life with Anynet+. All compatible connected components can be controlled by a single remote control. Simply connect the components of your home entertainment network to your Samsung Blu-ray player using HDMI cables and enjoy intelligent, intuitive interaction with your entertainment.
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