SAMSUNG C350 DVD PLAYER Product Description Precision playback and premium picture quality put Samsung DVD players at the top of their class. With unique features that guarantee playability and enhanced multimedia connectivity, they make entertainment look and feel more real. Plays perfectly through scratches, smudges and tilts. Whether its a scratch or finger mark interrupting your film, Samsungs Defect Disc Recovery Solution automatically makes all the necessary adjustments to deliver a crystal clear picture so you never have to get off the couch. And our Rolling Actuator Technology makes sure a curved or tilted disc surface wont sabotage your quiet night in either. Just get comfy, press play and let Samsung do the rest. Divx Playback Spend more time watching movies and less time waiting for them to download. With Divx playback youll skip the lengthy conversion process. Just pop in DVDs and CDs with Divx movies and start watching them on your TV. See things clearly with Progressive Scan Out Everythings twice as real with Progressive Scan Out. It takes a conventional HDTV, with its outdated interlacing method of delivering data, two passes to display what Full HD 1080ps Progressive Scan Out delivers in one. That means you get a smoother, cleaner, better picture thats full of vivid detail perfect for viewing fast-paced sports and action flicks you love so much. Dust Proof DVD Playback is smooth and uninterrupted thanks to Samsungs dust-proof feature. It actually removes dust while the disc is rotating. And with the players Viterbi detector in action, youre ensured enhanced performance and a dramatically lower error rate.
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