LENSBABY 0.42X Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Stretch your Lensbaby vision to the max with the 0.42x Super Wide Angle Conversion lens, which converts your Lensbaby lens s focal length from 50mm to 21mm. Specifically designed for compatibility with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, this 0.42x is lighter and sharper than any comparable product on the market. The 0.42x also has a macro capability, allowing you to focus as close as 2.75 (7 cm) away from the front of your lens. How To Use? Screw the 0.42x Super Wide onto the 37mm threads on the front of your Lensbaby lens. Then see your creative vision expand to the horizon.

Eliminates diffusion that occurs when standard super wide angle conversion lenses are used with Lensbaby optics. Significantly reduces vignetting. Unlike standard super wide angle lenses, the Lensbaby 0.42x Super Wide Lens minimizes vignetting on crop sensor cameras. On full frame cameras, will vignette only when tilted, not when pointed straight ahead (most standard 0.42x super wide angle accessory lenses vignette on full frame cameras with the Lensbaby pointed straight ahead). In contrast with the Lensbaby 0.6x wide angle lens, the Sweet Spot of focus shrinks in size with enhanced blurring and prismatic color shifts on the edges of the photo. Compatible exclusively with all Lensbaby lenses using the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic, Pinhole/Zone Plate, and Soft Focus optics as well as Lensbaby 3G and Lensbaby 2.0. Not compatible with the Fisheye Optic.

Package Contents

Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens


Converts Lensbaby SLR lens optics from 50mm to 21mm focal length. Macro capability allows focus as close as 2.75 (7cm) from the front of the lens.50% lighter and 50% smaller than standard 0.42x wide angle accessory lenses. Attaches via 37mm screw thread onto the front of any Lensbaby lens or optic. Front threads are 52mm to accept 52mm filters and step up rings. Measures 2 W x 1.75 H (5.1cm x 4.4cm) Weighs 2.4oz (68g) (50% less than typical 0.42x super wide angle conversion lenses).

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