2 Shelf Glass LCD-Plasma TV Stand Cabinet -Tempered Glass (704815)

Stylish yet very practical, SALVATORE ANGELOTTI brings you this truly fantastic furniture piece. Complete with 2 shelves for your equipment, the Stylish appearance of this new rack would be well suited to any dwelling. The generous shelving and sizing of this unit makes it well suited to house your AMP / DVD equipment and your plasma / LCD on top. One of the key benefits of this type of unit is that it provides a solid, stable support for your Hi Fi / Home Theatre equipment whilst helping to enable it to breath and remain cool during operation. Many of todays Hi Fi / Home Theatre equipment can become very warm (and even hot) during operation so when enclosed in closed cabinets / cupboards can suffer overheating and may even shutdown, thus reducing the lifespan of your valuable equipment. A properly designed unit like this one from SALVATORE ANGELOTTI allows air to circulate around your equipment aiding in its natural cooling and helping it to run at the correct temperature to prolong its lifespan.

Features 2 Shelf Glass LCD/Plasma TV Stand Cabinet -Black Tempered Glass. All glass shelves have been bevelled to provide extra safety. Unit maximum weight bearing capacity 70kg. Assembled Size (LxWxH)(mm) 1500x450x350. Glass tempered AFTER screen printing for extra strength. Top glass thickness (mm) 10. Bottom glass thickness(mm) 8. Stands Oxydized aluminum tube. Height of 1st shelf 79mm from floor. Height of 2nd shelf 350mm from floor.

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