SAMSUNG 3D Blu-Ray Player

SAMSUNG 3D Blu-Ray Player

Product Description

Theres only one Blu-ray Disc Player that delivers the total viewing experience, bringing your senses straight to life. Its the Samsung BDP C6900. With its explosive 3D capabilities, youll be able to see the world as youve never seen it before. And more of it; Internet@TV brings your favourite web content to your TV screen. And with the Ultra Fast Play feature, movies start playing the moment you insert them. So whether youre watching your favourite film or application content, the BDP C6900 was engineered to broaden your perspective. For information on 3D safety and viewing in 3D mode go to

Ultimate reality with Samsung 3D. Theres only one way to experience 3D when youre not in a theatre. And thats the Samsung 3D LED TV. It offers the ultimate immersive viewing experience by liberating content from the flat confines of the TV and turning it into explosive imagery. The effect is breathtaking life enriching, ultra-real picture quality that rivals the cinema imported into your own living room. Samsung innovation has even made it possible to convert your favourite 2D movies to 3D.

Because a Samsung 3D LED TV demands your attention, no matter whats on. Stop waiting with Ultra Fast Play. At Samsung, we believe theres always room for improvement. We applied this philosophy to eradicating the time it takes for a movie to actually start after inserting a disc into a Blu-ray or DVD player. Our BDP-C6900 was engineered with Ultra Fast Play to eliminate those annoying load times. It gets you into the entertainment right away. So sitting down to watch your favourite drama no longer entails the drama of slow device booting and clumsy tray openings.

Infinite entertainment with Internet@TV. Samsungs exclusive Internet@TV technology opens up more worlds than you can possibly imagine. And puts it all on a large and brilliant screen. Effortlessly connecting to the Internet, it lets you enjoy all the brilliant content the Web has to offer. Enhancing, enriching and easy, you can organise, add and delete content via its Samsung Applications library. Many models even allow you to make Internet video calls, so youre not only connected to your videos, you're connected to your people. Immerse yourself in the infinite options.

Designed to suit your style. The BDP C6900 boasts a design that's both modernised and minimised, making it as much a part of your living room as it is your home theatre system. With both TOP disc lighting and blue lighting, its logo shines when the player reads discs. Only 39mm wide, the BDP C6900s slim body hides the disc-loading door but through its cool transparent window on top you can see what disc is playing. Factor in its sleek, chic metal finish and theres no doubt that this player has the high-end looks to match its high-end performance.

Fewer distractions. Fuller screen. To maximise your viewing experience, to truly feel the power of the on-screen portrayals, you need all the picture you can get. With the Screen Fit feature, the BDP-C6900 Blu-ray disc players automatically converts 21 9 aspect ratio movies to 16 9 aspect, eliminating those annoying black bands crowding the scenes. Watch movies the way they were meant to be seen - with just one touch of the screen fit button.

HDMI (V.1.4 with 3D) The Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-ray player comes equipped with the latest HDMI (V.1.4 with 3D) connection, ensuring that the highest resolution 3D images are transmitted seamlessly between connected devices. This future-forward feature guarantees that 3D movies and games are expressed with purity and precision.

Anynet+. Simplify your life with Anynet+. All compatible connected components can be controlled by a single remote control. Simply connect the components of your home entertainment network to your Samsung Blu-ray player using HDMI cables and enjoy intelligent, intuitive interaction with your entertainment.

DVD Up Scaling. Because Full HD 1,080p really is that much better, Samsung Blu-ray players provide DVD image up-scaling to the same resolution. Now you can watch DVDs in Full HD and experience the incredible intensity of the highest picture quality and the added emotional engagement that comes with it.

Wi-Fi Built-in No more boundaries. With Wi-Fi built-in, Samsung Blu-ray takes entertainment to the next dimension. With easy set-up and content sharing, they allow you to experience a clean, clear, and connected home entertainment environment that brings multimedia to the big screen with seamless style.

Connecting is easy with All Share Now you can enjoy movies, music and photos from your PC and mobile devices, right on your Samsung TV screen. With BDP-C6900s All Share, wirelessly sync your PC and Samsung mobile phone with your TV, streaming content and even keeping tabs on whos calling and texting you with real-time monitoring on your screen. Samsungs All Share makes staying connected easy.

Full HD 1,080P up-scaling. Breathe new life into your movie collection with the Samsung HDD built-in BDP C6900 and up-scale your standard definition DVDs into high resolution DVDs. Your favourite DVDs will feature the same brilliant details and rich, robust colours you've come to enjoy from the high definition content on your HDTV.

Experience the pinnacle of picture quality. A television with 1,080p Full HD technology is more than just entertainment, its an experience. Providing nearly twice the resolution of conventional HDTVs, the 1,080p picture engulfs you with spectacular detail rich, eye-popping colours and super-sharp, ultra-realistic images that enhance everything on your screen, from movies to videogames. Why watch TV when you can experience it?

Expand your multimedia horizons. Todays ultimate home theatre needs to handle more than DVDs, video games and various multimedia formats. It also needs to function as the ultimate multimedia theatre. Thats why a Samsung system allows you to plug in a wide range of digital devices. So whether its in MP3, DivX, Divx HD, JPEG, JPEG HD, MKV, or AVCHD file formats, youre able to enjoy your favourite files from the comfort of your couch.

From your PC to Flat Screen. Gaining access to the infinite possibilities of next generation entertainment is as easy as plugging the Wireless LAN Adaptor into the back of the Blu-ray Disc player. Content from your PC can be directly streamed to the player, allowing you to enjoy your favourite videos and other media files from DivX and MP3 to JPEG-HD from the comfort of your couch. PC Streaming turns your living room into the ultimate multimedia cinema. Adaptor is not included. Connecting is easy with All Share. Now you can enjoy movies, music and photos from your PC and mobile devices, right on your Samsung TV screen.

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