Set of 12 Air Tight Vacuum Storage Containers with 2 Air Pumps

Description Set of 12 high quality storage containers and 2 pumps keep food fresh and crisp many times longer than normal containers, suitable for family, restaurants and travel. Now all your food will have a longer lasting refrigerator life! Keep your food fresh up to 5x longer with these Vacuum Food Storage Containers. You can store your food much simpler and much longer compared to regular storage containers. With a secure vacuum seal food storage containers you can now lock in that fresh and succulent taste you get from fresh food. Make additional space in your refrigerator by tidying it up and putting your food and sauces in these fantastic containers. Convenient and easy to use, these vacuum food storage containers are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. These containers are perfect for storing fresh food, fruit, soups, casseroles, stews, dried food, cereal, biscuits, cakes, deserts, and even keep precious articles from humidity such as jewellery, stones, film, lens or digital stuff, etc. Features 12pcs vacuum storage containers with 2 manual pumps High quality PP material ensure food hygiene and safety 100% airtight Inhibits microbial growth, prevents bacterial cross-contamination; Prevents food from getting damp and moldy, loss of nutrition, taint of odor and liquid leakage Temperature range -20 C to 120 C, can be used in the freezer and microwave Green environmental protection, pollution-free, non-residual solvent pollution problems Reduces fat oxidation rate Stable performance, resistant to moisture, shelf-life preservation Various sizes and shapes for different usages and storage places Easy to clean, for long term usage Also works as a marinador Specifications 0.4L 120x120X70CM 0.6L 160x120x70CM 0.7L 120x120X110CM 0.8L 160x160x70CM 1.0L 160x120x110CM 1.1L 120x120X180CM 1.2L 230x165x70CM 1.5L 160x160x110CM 1.7L 160x120x180CM 2.3L 230x165x110CM 2.5L 160x160x180CM 3.9L 230x165x180CM Package Contents 12 x Storage Containers 2 x Manual Vacuum Pumps Note Before microwave the food in the container, please make sure you release air through the top hole, and open the cover. Warranty This product comes with a 30 days Manufacturer Warranty; 30 Days Warranty covers manufacturers defects only; This product is not covered by misuse of product or damage due to mishandling; You may return any product purchased at for an exchange if you are not satisfied with the fit or the colour or for any other reason, subject to our returns policy; Please read our returns policy for full details.