Jackson Green Energy Saving Powerboard 6 Way Surge Protection Lifetime Warranty(PT9778)

Green Energy Saving Powerboard 6 Way Surge Protection Lifetime Warranty. Avoid Standby Energy Consumption.


Power Saving- save upto $70.00 per annum (avoid standby energy consumption). Surge and overload protection. 6 x 240VAC power socket. Built-in circuit breaker with reset function. Screw slot mounting. Slimline design. Spaced socket for transformer SAA Approval Number NSW22912 c-Tick N95 Model Number PT9778. WARNING DO NOT CONNECT LASER PRINTERS TO THE SLAVE OR MASTER SOCKET OF THIS POWERBOARD. The MAXIMUM load that the master socket can handle is 500 Watts. If 500 Watts is exceeded, you will damage this powerboard.

 Product Description

Attach main appliance (computer, TV screen) to the master socket. When power to the appliance connected to this socket is turned off/on manually or by remote - the other four slave sockets are then turned off/on automatically. A sophisticated sensor circuit detects the level of current passing through the main master outlet and switches the slave outlets to the same status. This reduces the consumption of standby power used by computer peripherals and other equipment when not in use. This will save you money. One additional power socket will operate continuously and independently.


Voltage Rating 240VAC, 50Hz Current 10A mains outlets Power Cord 1Meter Warranty Lifetime Warranty.

With Standby Energy Consumption, even when household appliances are turned off, most are still using electricity. This is called Standby Energy . The maximum average consumption standby energy figures (see 2005 Residual Standby Service Report) show how much electricity is sucked out annually, in kilowatt hours, assuming the appliance is in standby mode 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Importantly that table shows what it would cost you - assuming average cost of domestic power is $0.14 per kilowatt hour including GST. With this device your standby power savings would be significant and substantial. Please refer to your energy provider for exact costs per kWh.

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