10 LEVELS SHOE RACK BASIC FIT 30 PAIRS Product Description This unique space saving 30 Pair Shoe Rack provides a great way for you to organize and store your footwear collection without taking up a lot of floor space in your room or closet. With its 10 spacious shelves, you can neatly store up to 30 pairs of your favorite shoes with or without shoe boxes.Made from a sturdy white polymer plastic frame andstainless steelshelves, this shoe rack will provide a reliable, long lasting shoe storage solution for your home. This shoe storage option allows you to keep your shoes organized and all together. Its extra strong base ensures that your shoe rack receives the best possible support, even on carpeted surfaces! The easy to assemble rack snaps together within seconds, ready for use. 10 Tiers Can Store Up to 30 Pairs of Shoes (depending on weight) Fit Most Shoes (not intended for heavy shoes, such as working boots) Quality Product Light Weight Portable Easy to Assemble Disassemble Strong Metal Pipes Plastic Parts and Connectors Easy to Fold and Store Material Metal Pipes Plastic Parts Connecters Dimension PACKAGING 55CM 6CM 21CMDiemensions (H X W X D) 140 x 52 x 25 cm Package Dimensions (L x W x H) 55cm x 35cm x 43cm Package Weight 1.5kg
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