Tasco 49-060700 Spacestation 60mm Space Station Telescope

Tasco 49-060700 Spacestation 60mm Space Station Telescope


Model Number 49-060700 60x700mm Refractor AZ with cosmically inspired new design. Variable LED Finderscope with 3 separate lens. Quick focus. Light weight adjustable aluminium tripod. Super sturdy. Partially pre-assembled.

Product Description

Spacestation powerful enough to take you to the moon and way, way beyond. See the stars like you ve never seen before with a view from an all-new Tasco Spacestation telescope featuring a cosmically inspired new design. Its variable LED electronic Red Dot Finderscope takes you to visit your favorite constellation in a flash by quickly finding any object in the sky. For those who want to experience astronomy but not get too commited.


Tasco 49-060700 Spacestation Telescope Diameter 60mm Focal Length 700mm Optical Design Reflector AZ  Focal Ratio f/11.7 Finderscope Red Dot Starpointer Eyepiece/s 25mm (28x), 10mm (70x), 4mm (175x), Mount Type Single Fork Arm Altazimuth Tripod Adjustable Aluminium Weight 5kg.

Accessories SkyWatch CD-Rom 3 x Barlow Lens Moon Map Moon Filter Erecting Lens. 

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