Leica 10x32 Ultravid HD Binoculars - Model 40291

Leica 10x32 Ultravid HD Binoculars High performance binoculars with 32mm aperture and 10X magnifying power. The Leica HD Ultravid Binocular features unique flouride lenses for unparalleled high resolution image quality. Superior innovative coatings increase light transmission by over 3%. The Leica HD Ultravid Binocular provides a superior close focus range of 2.1 meters and an outstanding large field of view at long range. Fitted with Leica AquaDuraTM for abrasion, moisture, fingerprint and dust resistance. Neoprene strap, Eyepiece Cover, Protective Front Lens Cover and Cordura Case are all included.

Leica 10x32 Ultravid HD Binoculars. Are you looking for one of the most spectacular innovations to grace the world of binoculars? If high definition television gives you a thrill, then you re going to love the Leica 8x32 Ultravid HD Binoculars. Leica has now introduced a new type of flouride glass in the HD Ultravid binocular series. As with superior telescopes, optical flouride lenses are created from the crystalline structure of calcium flouride - a base which allows for a very low level of dispersion (light scattering) and corrects aberration (imaging errors). As a result, Leica HD Ultravid Binoculars now have stunning color fidelity and significantly improved contrast over conventional binocular lenses.

But the innovations to the Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars and Spotting Scopes didn t stop there. The reality check is that people use binoculars in the field and the field isn t always a pretty place. Fingerprints happen. Dust happens. Rain happens. But now Leica s innovative technology has improved the odds in your favor with Leica UltraVid AquaDuraTM - a hydrophobic coating which with its water and dirt repelling properties, ensures clear visibility even in poor weather conditions. Lens are now easier to clean when necessary. What s more, Leica UltraVid AquaDuraTM protects and extends the lens life of your Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars with its increased abrasion resistance!

But all this means nothing without light transmission. As a result of Leica s constant development of anti-reflex coating and reflective layering on the prisms, it has been possible to increase the previously already very high level of transmission on all Leica HD binocular models by at least a further 3 %. Now viewing at twilight, or even in night conditions has changed. Where once coatings optimized for either low or bright light conditions produced unwanted colors at either end of the range, the new Leica HD design reliably combines an optimum degree of image brightness with a constant level of color neutrality.

In all binocular applications, stray and false light can hinder your viewing experience. Not any more. During the development of Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars, specially developed software was used to simulate user conditions. Leica engineers have designed the new Ultravid HD Binoculars to withstand awkward sidelighting and backlighting situations through the use of optimized housing shape, improved light-absorbing paint, apertures and stray light traps. The result is a high-resolution, clear image without any reduction in contrast or constraints due to milky fogging. No more struggling to position the Sun where it won t interfere with the view and missing the intended target!

But the innovations haven t stopped yet. The mechanics of the Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars have been even more refined. Optimized material pairings and gliding discs made from extremely tough, high-performance plastic are used in the new Ultravid HD design. In cold conditions, the conventional greased focusing mechanisms sometimes only work with difficulty, and at higher temperatures they move too freely. At high temperatures, focusing mechanisms can feel sticky , and the danger exists of lubrication releasing onto the lenses. Not any more. With the teflon disk and low lubrication features of the optimized Leica focus incorporated into all Ultravid HD binoculars, you re assured consistent performance from desert to glacier.

Leica 10x32 Ultravid HD Binoculars Features

Leica Ultravid Flouride Lenses Leica UltraVid AquaDuraTM Increase Light Transmission for Ultravid HD Binoculars. Outstanding Image Quality. Consistently Smooth Focusing. Leica Product Number 40291.

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