Olympus mju 1070 Digital Camera Gold - International Warranty

The newly incorporated Beauty mode gives subjects an instant makeover, using the face recognition function to detect people s faces in images during shooting or playback and enhancing their appearance by brightening the face tone, highlighting the eyes, and smoothing the skin. Also featured on this camera is Olympus s advanced Intelligent Auto function. A step above conventional automatic camera systems, Intelligent Auto analyzes the composition to determine what kind of scene it is and automatically applies the most appropriate settings, All users have to do is set the mode dial to i-AUTO and the -1070 takes care of the rest, allowing them to relax and take pictures without worrying about selecting the right type of scene or settings even in conditions that conventional AUTO modes find difficult to handle. Other functions that make shooting easier include the Face Detection function, which detects up to 16 faces and adjusts the focus and exposure appropriately.
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