Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100 Pink waterproof Full HD 1920x1080 Dual Camera 5x optical zoom 14 megapixel VPC CA100

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100 is the world s first waterproof Full HD 1920x1080 Dual Camera that can be used underwater. The CA100 provides users with a more enjoyable video experience to easily capture both photos and videos. Its convenient MP4 video format makes it easy when sharing videos online as well as being easy to import images to portable media devices. Featuring Xacti s compact and stylish form factor the CA100 will feel comfortable in your hand and is small enough to take anywhere. Featuring 5x optical zoom, 14 megapixel CMOS sensor, wide 2.7 LCD, support for Eye-fi wireless and up to 64GB SDXC* memory cards, and waterproof to a depth of 3 metres, the Xacti CA100 enables people with active lifestyles to capture high resolution photos and Full HD videos in all kinds of outdoor situations.

Package Contents

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA100 Digital Video Camera + 50mb Internal Memory Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery DB-L80 USB Cable AV Cable Strap Software Suite CD-ROM - Arcsoft Instruction Manual

Features and Specifications

What are the features and how will they benefit you? Waterproof to 3 Metres IPX8 compliant so it operates in all kinds of outdoor conditions. Not only can you use it in the rain or when you re swimming in the pool or ocean, you can also use it for marine sports such as snorkeling and surfing, and even winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding Underwater Mode - lets you capture more realistic underwater colors, while reducing unwanted sounds arising from camera handling and bursts of air bubbles. 38mm Wide Angle Lens Fit more in the scene, especially indoor group shots, landscapes or architectural shots 2.7 LCD with 285 degree Rotation - the monitor can rotate through approximately 285 , so you can easily position it at your preferred angle. SDHC/SDXC memory card recording Record video or stills to SD/SDHC* and now extra capacity, high speed 64GB SDXC* memory cards for complete flexibility and easy transfer of your video footage.

14 Megapixel Still Photo Capture Now carry only one camera - takes high resolution 14 megapixel still photo images, even whilst shooting video. Digital Image Stabiliser digitally compensates for vibration and hand-held movement for smoother, less jumpy images. In still photo mode the camera quickly shoots 2 images and automatically combines them to create one sharp image helps to reduce both camera shake and image noise or grain. Face Detection/Face Chaser detects human faces (up to 12) and automatically adjusts camera for optimal focus and exposure for both video and stills. Even if the faces move, the CA100 can follow them and adjust the focus and exposure. The Face Chaser function has been developed so that it can even follow faces from a side-on angle In-Camera Editing - The Xacti CA100 offers the convenience of editing Full HD videos on the camera itself. You can easily splice multiple clips into a single video, or cut unwanted footage. High Speed Sequential Shooting High speed still image shooting up to 7 frames per second at 2mp resolution and 1 frame per second at full 14mp resolution - great for freezing the action when shooting sports, kids or animals for example.

Stereo Sound Recording - A porous membrane over the microphone and speakers lets air and sound penetrate, but not water. Enjoy capturing realistic HD video with stereo sound anytime and anywhere, Simple Mode - Settings on the Xacti CA100 are easy to understand, so even beginners can enjoy shooting. In Simple mode, only the most basic elements are displayed on the LCD monitor. Target Colour - The Xacti CA100 tracks and focuses on moving subjects, such as children or pets, by detecting their colours. Even if you close the LCD panel temporarily, tracking will resume when you start shooting again. Digital Filters includes monochrome, sepia, as well as a cosmetic mode that enhances and smooths skin tones. Manual Mode Adjust aperture and shutter speed settings for greater control and creativity.

Super Macro In this mode you can take amazing close-ups as near as 1cm away from your subject. HDMI output - makes connecting the CA100 to a Digital TV or DVD Recorder a breeze (requires optional mini HDMI cable). Quick Start Up Because the camera records onto a solid-state SD memory card rather than HDD or DVD media with moving parts you can start shooting straightaway after opening the monitor. Windows 7 Support - support for the Xacti CS1 s video format makes it easier than ever to play your videos on a computer. Eye-Fi Link - supports Eye-Fi cards (sold separately), which let you transfer images to your computer over a wireless network. Easy YouTube Upload - The Xacti CA100 makes it extremely easy to upload your videos to YouTube as well as post videos to blogs and enter video contests.

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