PhotoFast Card Adapters

PhotoFast MS Pro Duo Adapter - Converts Two MicroSD-SDHC To MS Pro Duo

PhotoFast MS Pro Duo Adapter - Converts Two MicroSD/SDHC To MS Pro Duo

PhotoFast MS PRO DUO Adapter. Converts Two MicroSD or MicroSDHC Cards To MS PRO DUO.(2 x Micro SD or SDHC To MS PRO DUO). Compatible with PSP and PS3. supports up to 32GB (2 x 8GB or 16GB in each slot).        2 microSD(HC) cards of different capacity can be used. If only 1 microSD(HC) card is used, it must be inserted into slot #1 in order to work. When using new microSD(HC) cards, you need to format with a SONY product before you can store data. In order to copy or delete data directly, insert CR-5400 in your card reader. Don't take out the microSD(HC) cards and perform write operations on the single card. Your data will be corrupt.


Model CR-5400 Converts microSD/microSDHC to Memory Stick MS PRO DuoTM memory cards. Supports microSDHC memory cards up to 16GB. Compatible with all devices using Memory Stick MS PRO Duo, TM memory cards, including Sony PlayStation Portable PSP. Life Time Warranty.  *Micro Cards are not included just the converter.

PhotoFast CR-7000 SD-SDHC to CF Type II Adapter

PhotoFast CR-7000 SD/SDHC to CF Type II Adapter

PhotoFast CR-7000 SD/SDHC to CF Type II Adapter. Converts SD or SDHC to CF. Converts SD or SDHC Cards To Compact Flash. Compatable with CF Type 2. Supports up to 16GB.

Product Features

-Convert SD / SDHC to CompactFlash adapter - Transfer Rate Read 6MB-9.5MB/s Write 2MB-4MB/s - Standards Compliance CF Type 2 - SD cards up to 4 GB / SDHC 4GB to 16GB - System OS Windows Vista / XP/2000/MacOS9.2/MacOS X

Technical Details

- Brand Name PhotoFast - Model CR-7000 - Device Type SD/SDHC to CF Adapter