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150 Desserts for Special Treats By Ann Kay

Title 150 Desserts for Special TreatsAuthor Ann KayAnn Kay, the books editor, is an experienced cook, consultant, food editor and writer who has created scores of books on a wide range of subjects. For this book, she has researched, selected and compiled a range of delicious dessert recipes from a team of leading food writers. Her other published works include 150 Desserts Pastries, Bakes, Cakes, Tarts and Pies and 175 Fruit Desserts. ISBN-10 1844763943ISBN-13 9.78184E+12Category Cooking Sweets color #666666 Synopsis Deliciously irresistible recipes to indulge in once in a while, from coffee profiteroles to dark chocolate ice cream and from souffles to praline pavlovas - every recipe described stey-by-step and illustrated with 200 delectable colour photographs Over 150 fabulous and inspirational desserts for every possible celebratory occasion, from indulgent hot chocolate confections and scrumptious pastries and pies to luxurious frozen sherbets, bombes and mouthwatering iced tortes.

500 Best-Ever Recipes: Chocolate

Author Felicity ForsterFelicity Forster is a highly experienced culinary editor, home baker and self-confessed chocoholiISBN10 1846813352Synopsis A definitive collection of delectable recipes, from devilish chocolate roulade to Mississippi mud pie, shown in over 500 photographs Includes cakes, hot puddings, chilled desserts, tarts, pies, cheesecakes, ice creams, sorbets, slices, bars, cookies, candies, truffles and drink

75 Puddings Pies and Desserts

Author Martha DayISBN10 1844774171Synopsis Delectable recipes for hot and cold sweet dishes, with 325 step-by-step photographs A stunning collection of fabulous desserts for all occasions Includes souffl s, sorbets, irresistible hot sponge puddings, delicious chocolate desserts and fruit tarts

A Year of Desserts: 365 Delicious Step-By-Step Recipes

Author Martha DayConsultant Editor Martha Day has been a food writer and editor for more than 20 years. SheISBN10 1844777758Synopsis Fabulously indulgent sweet temptations for every occasion, from rich creamy puddings and pies to fruity ices and low-fat souffl s, with every recipe shown step-by-step in over 1500 glorious photographs More than 365 irresistibly sweet temptations for after-dinner indulgence.

Amazing Iced Desserts

Author Joanna FarrowJoanna Farrow is a cookery writer and food stylist, contributing articles to various magazines anISBN10 1844766551Synopsis 80 irresistible creations from sumptuous g teaux to simple sorbets, shown in 360 photographs Layered, marbled or encased in meringue, discover how easy it is to create stunning iced desserts Make a special meal complete with these sumptuous tortes and g teaux, bombes and

Best Ever Cookie Book By Hilaire Walden

Title Best Ever Cookie Book By Hilaire WaldenAuthor Hilaire WaldenISBN13 9781844760688Synopsis With over 200 fantastic cookie recipes illustrated by over 600 colour photographs of step-by-step instructions and the finished results, this work includes a full introduction covering useful baking techniques, ingredients, equipment and storage.Publisher SouthwaterFormat Paperback, 256 pages

Best-Ever Book of Chocolate By Christine McFadden Christine France

Title Best-Ever Book of ChocolateAuthor Christine McFadden color #666666 Christine McFadden has many years experience as a food writer and editor, contributing to a variety of publications such as BBC Good Food, House and Garden and Healthy Eating. She has also made several TV appearances on Carlton Food Network. Christine France is a food writer with many years experience. After training as a home economist, Christine worked as both an editor and a contributor on many womens and special-interest magazines, before setting up her own food and cooking consultancy. Christine Frances other published works include Low Cholesterol Low Fat and The Great Big Barbecue Book. ISBN-10 1846813077ISBN-13 9.78185E+12Category Cooking Sweets color #666666 Synopsis Luxurious treats for total indulgence 135 irresistible recipes shown in 260 stunning photographs Discover the wonderful world of chocolate with this fabulous cookbook, containing recipes gathered from all over the world, sumptuously illustrated with over 260 beautiful photographs.

Best-Ever Book of Ice Cream

Author Joanna Farrow color #666666 Joanna Farrow is a food writer and stylist who has written on a diverse array of subjects.ISBN10 1846814219Synopsis Amazing ices, sherbets, sorbets, bombes, iced desserts and iced drinks 150 delicious recipes shown in 300 beautiful photographs A stunning collection of ice cream recipes from all around the world, to suit all tastes, both to make by hand and in an ice cream machine Every

Cakes and Bakes 500 By Martha Day

Title Cakes and Bakes 500Author Martha DayConsultant Editor Martha Day has compiled this comprehensive collection of recipes from a team of leading food writers. Martha has contributed to many publications, including The Complete Christmas Cookbook and 1000 Great Recipes. She is a keen home cook and enjoys baking for friends and family. ISBN-10 1844778681ISBN-13 9.78184E+12Category Cooking Sweets color #666666 Synopsis A mouth-watering collection of recipes ranging from traditional teatime treats and fun party and celebration cakes to luxurious gateaux and tarts, shown in 500 colour photographs 500 delicious, easy-to-follow step-by-step recipes for cakes, gateaux, cookies, pastries, bakes, teabreads, tarts and pies. Recipes range from everyday classics such as banana bread and flapjacks to more unusual ideas such as kiwi ricotta cheese tart and Thai rice cake. Includes recipes to suit every occasion, from teatimes and coffee mornings to birthday parties and special celebrations such as christenings and weddings.

Cocktail Therapy By Leanne Shear Tracey Toomey

Title Cocktail Therapy By Leanne Shear, Tracey ToomeyAuthor Leanne Shear, Tracey ToomeyISBN13 9781416948360Synopsis Forget crying into your beer. When calamity strikes there s a perfect cocktail to ease your woes. During their bartending years, Leanne Shear and Tracey Toomey were often witness to all kinds of personal crises. And while others may take refuge with their therapist or on the racquetball court, LeannPublisher Simon Spotlight EntertainmentFormat Hardcover, 223 pages

Cookies: Brownies Bars and Biscuits By Catherine Atkinson

Title Cookies Brownies, Bars and BiscuitsAuthor Catherine AtkinsonCatherine Atkinson is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who currently works as a full-time writer and food consultant, contributing to various magazines, and producing many oustanding cookbooks. Her published works include The World Encyclopedia of Coffee and Pastry The Complete Art of Pastry Making (both Lorenz Books). ISBN-10 754818098ISBN-13 9789754818090Category Cooking Sweets color #666666 Synopsis Delectable bakes for every event and occasion 150 delicious recipes shown in 270 stunning photographs Features a fantastic range of cookies, bars, biscuits, crackers and brownies of all types, made with a whole range of ingredients and suitable for all occasions. Every kind of cookie is covered in chapters on Teatime cookies; Cookies for Kids; Celebration Cookies; Chocolate Cookies; Cookies for Entertaining; Brownies, Bars and No-bake Cookies; Free From and Healthy Cookies; and Savoury Crackers. Recipes include everything from Brandy Snaps and Chewy Flapjacks to Triple Chocolate Sandwiches, Hazelnut and Raspberry

Dessert Temptations

Author Jenni FleetwoodJenni Fleetwood is the author of a number of cookbooks and is also an established food editor. AISBN10 1842155083Synopsis 50 deliciously inviting recipes for every occasion For those of us who fondly remember eating rich, gooey, home-made desserts as children, it comes as no surprise to see the traditional desserts making a comeback into fashion. It is a rare thing to find a dish that is greeted with

Desserts 500 Delicious Recipes By Ann Kay

Title Desserts 500 Delicious Recipes By Ann KayAuthor Ann KayISBN13 9781844776542Synopsis An incredible collection of 500 tempting hot and cold ways to end the meal, from simple classics to wickedly indulgent sweet treats. All recipes are explained with straightforward step-by-step instructions and clear ingredients listings. Includes many specially developed, healthy low-fat recipes thaPublisher Hermes HouseFormat Hardcover, 256 pages

Desserts All Around the Year: 365 Delicious Step-By-Step Recipes

Author Martha DayConsultant Editor Martha Day has been a food writer and editor for more than 20 years. SheSynopsis Fabulously indulgent sweet temptations for every occasion, from creamy puddings and rich tarts to fruity ices and low-fat souffl s Irresistibly sweet treats for after-dinner indulgence every day. Easy-to-follow chapters feature every variety of pudding and dessert imagina

Desserts: 500 Delicious Recipes

Author Ann KayAnn Kay, the book s editor, is a highly experienced editor and writer. She has compiled many voISBN10 1844776530Synopsis An incredible collection of tempting ways to end the meal, from simple classics to indulgent treats, with over 500 photographs 500 delicious, indulgent and tempting desserts for every occasion Choose from classics such as profiteroles, lemon meringue pie and apple