100 Best-Ever Step-by-Step Barbecues

Author Jan CutlerJan Cutler is a freelance cookery editor and food writer with a particular love of MediterraneanISBN10 1844763730Synopsis The ultimate guide to grilling in 340 stunning photographs with recipes for appetizers, fish, meat, vegetables, reli

100 Main Courses for Every Occasion By Jenni Fleetwood

Title 100 Main Courses for Every OccasionAuthor Jenni FleetwoodJenni Fleetwood, the consultant editor, is a highly experienced food writer and editor. She loves travelling, and she spends part of every year in South Africa, where, in addition to sampling the food and wine most enthusiastically, Jenni helps to run Iziko lo Lwazi, a non-profit craft project. She is passionate about cooking, and has compiled and written many cookery books on creating fast yet good, nutritious food, perfectly tailored to the hectic family schedule or busy lifestyle. Jenni is also a story teller and childrens writer. Her other titles published by Southwater including 100 15-Minute Fuss-Free Recipes, 100 Stir-Fries and Quick Curries, Tasty Meals in 20 Minutes, Good Food Fast, Easy Meals Cooked in Just One Pot. ISBN-10 1844763854ISBN-13 9781844763856Category Cooking GeneralSynopsis Classic and contemporary meals, family favourites and impressive recipes you can absolutely rely on

180 Barbecues

Author Linda TubbyGrowing up in the wilds of Northumberland, England, grill and griddle expert Linda Tubby has alwaISBN10 754816788Synopsis One for every day of the summer the complete guide to barbecuing and grilling with meal ideas for every occasion shown step-by-step in over 675 photographs A fantastic collection of over 180 sizzling recipes for the barbecue and griddle learn how to prepare, cook and serve ev

200 Four-Ingredient Recipes By Joanna Farrow

Title 200 Four-Ingredient RecipesAuthor Joanna FarrowJoanne Farrow worked as a cookery writer on womens magazines for several years until her first child was born. Since then, she has worked freelance, contributing articles to various magazines and writing a selection of cookbooks on subjects ranging from cakes and chocolate, to main meals and childrens cookery. She has a particular interest in sweet and decorative desserts and her extensive experience in cooking techniques from around the world ensures her recipes are as beautiful as they are delicious. ISBN-10 184309682XISBN-13 9.78184E+12Category Cooking GeneralSynopsis Fabulous, fast recipes with only four ingredients This fabulous collection of over 200 recipes is the ultimate cookbook for anyone who loves simple, easy-to-prepare food. Each mouthwatering recipe requires just four ingredients - discover how easy it is to produce really delicious food with the minimum of fuss. Try sophisticated, yet stress-free, dishes such as walnut and goat

200 Great Four Ingredient Recipes

Author Joanna Farrow and Jenny WhiteJoanna Farrow worked as a food writer on women s magazines for several years until her first chISBN10 754814009Synopsis Over 200 recipes for deliciously tasty, quick-and-easy dishes, all made with four or less ingredients This fabulous book offers an amazingly innovative approach to food that is perfect for the modern cook. Every recipe tastes sensational but requires just four ingredients or fewer

2500 Cocktails By Paul Martin

Title 2500 CocktailsAuthor Paul MartinPaul Martin, author of The Cocktail Cabinet, is a consultant to some of the worlds top spirit brands. He runs bartender training courses and demonstrations around the world and appears regularly on TV and radio. From his days as a London bar owner, he holds two world speed records for mixing cocktails. ISBN-13 9781845297954Category Cooking GeneralSynopsis The definitive guide to the classic recipes Bartender trainer and cocktail-mixing speed record-holder Paul Martin shares his barroom secrets with this fantastic collection of easy-to-follow recipes. Whether you mix cocktails for a living, or just want to impress your friends, youll find the recipes you need for everything from archetypal classics, such as the Dry Martini, the Manhattan, the Bloody Mary, the Mint Julep, and the Strawberry Daiquiri, to later inventions, such as the Caipirinha and the Long Island Iced Tea. There are even recipes for delicious non-alcoholic cocktails.

365 Main Courses

Author Jenni FleetwoodJenni Fleetwood is a highly experienced food writer and cookery editor. She loves travelling, andISBN10 1844770591Synopsis A deliciously different dish for every day of the year Main course recipes for every occasion. From midweek family meals and suppers to weekend dinners, festivals, celebratory events and classic Sunday lunches. All dishes shown step by step in more than 1600 colour photographs

400 Best-Ever Soups

Author Anne SheasbyConsultant Editor Anne Sheasby spent several years working as a professional home economist withiISBN10 1844778703Synopsis Over 400 recipes for delicious soups from all over the world - every recipe shown step-by-step with over 1600 colour photographs Over 400 mouthwatering recipes for soups, broths, chowder, bisques, consomm s, gumbos and laksas. Superbly illustrated with over 1600 specially

500 Greatest-Ever Chicken Recipes

Author Valerie FergusonThe Editor Valerie Ferguson represented a number of award-winning restaurants while managing herISBN10 1843099330Synopsis The ultimate fully illustrated poultry game bird cookbook A unique range of 500 recipes, providing an endless supply of ideas Features a wide variety of soups and starters, midweek meals, roasts, casseroles and pies, as well as special-occasion and hot and sp

500 Main Courses

Author Jenni FleetwoodContributing Editor Jenni Fleetwood is a highly experienced food writer and editor. She is passioISBN10 1846819318Synopsis Best-ever dishes for family meals, quick suppers, dinner parties and special events, shown in more than 500 tempting photographs An amazing collection of 500 appetizing main-course recipes, suitable for all occasions from simple meals for one or two, to family feasts and celebrati

500 Potato Recipes

Author Elizabeth WoodlandElizabeth Woodland is an experienced editor of illustrated lifestyle and cookery books. For thisISBN10 1846813646Synopsis Irresistible recipes for every occasion, including appetizers, snacks, salads, main courses and accompaniments, shown in over 500 tempting photographs A superb volume of 500 classic and creative potato dishes for every occasion, in one indispensable collection Includes sou

500 Slow Recipes

Author Catherine Atkinson and Jenni FleetwoodCatherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in cooking and works as a full-time writeISBN10 1846814235Synopsis A collection of delicious slow-cooked one-pot recipes, including casseroles, stews, soups, pot roasts, puddings and desserts, shown in 500 photographs Discover the easy simplicity and rich flavours of slow-cooked food with this collection of 500 recipes, from slow-cooker and clay-

55 Classic Recipes: Bread From Around the World By Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter

Title 55 Classic Recipes Bread From Around the WorldAuthor Christine Ingram and Jennie ShapterISBN-10 1846814049ISBN-13 9781846814044Category Cooking GeneralSynopsis An irresistible collection of traditional and contemporary recipes shown in more than 280 mouthwatering photographsAuthentic and traditional bread recipes from cuisines around the world, from northern Europe and the Mediterranean to In

Barbecues and Salads

Author Christine France and Steven WheelerChristine France s passion for good, fresh food and her enthusiastic approach has made her oneSynopsis Creative ideas for outdoor eating with more than 400 sizzling barbecue recipes and succulent salads Mouthwatering dishes for all tastes, from savoury and sweet barbecue recipes and new ideas for salads and accompaniments, to imaginative salsas, dips and flavoursome marinades.

Barbecuing and Grilling Inside Out By Linda Tubby

Title Barbecuing and Grilling, Inside color #666666 Author Linda TubbyLinda Tubby grew up in the wilds of Northumberland, England, and has always had an appreciation for fresh ingredients. During her days as a designer and buyer in the fashion industry, she further developed her love for good food through travelling and sampling the best of the worlds cuisines - from simple home-cooked breakfasts in India to the sophistication of hand-massaged Kobe beef in Japan. After taking time off to raise two children, Linda followed her passion and her vision to become a food stylist for books and magazines, and she now combines this with food writing and food consultancy. She is a regular contributor to leading food magazines such as Food and Travel and her early influences are still apparent in the excitement, flair and creativity that she brings to her cooking.ISBN-10 1903141370ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Cooking GeneralSynopsis Sizzlingly different ideas for the grill, griddle and barbecue - A stylish and evocative guide to indoor and outdoor grilling 65 wonderful new recipes shown in 160 beautiful pictures from one of the world