Age 4-8 years

100 Bible Heroes 100 Bible Songs By Stephen Elkins

Title 100 Bible Heroes, 100 Bible SongsAuthor Stephen ElkinsStephen Elkins is one of Americas foremost creators of childrens books and music. Elkins has written more than 30 bestselling childrens books including 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs, the Dove Award-winning Word and Song Bible, and Lulla-Bible products. His musical productions have been nominated for the prestigious Grammy award, and his current 30 Bible Songs Stories has been a #1 bestseller for over a year. He is president and founder of Wonder Workshop, which has sold more than 20 million books and recordings worldwide. Elkins lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Cindy, and his family. ISBN-10 1400310784ISBN-13 9781400310784Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Read It! Sing It! Learn It! And Build a Hero-Sized Faith! - Includes 2 CDs Inside! In 100 Bible Heroes, 100 Bible Songs, children will be introduced to 100real Bible heroes. Theyll also read 100 Bible verses, see 100 endearing illustrations, learn 100 characteristics of great heroes, and apply 100 ways to be heroes themselves. They

A to Z Encyclopedia

Title A to Z EncyclopediaAuthor ISBN-13 9781842365939Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Great 10 volume encyclopedia suitable for 6yrs+This encyclopedia is the perfect introduction to the world of knowledge. Each volume covers a huge range of exciting subjects from explorers to swamp animals, and flying machines to Viking

Alligator Mike By Jurg Federspiel

Title Alligator MikeAuthor Jurg FederspielISBN-10 735821240ISBN-13 9.78074E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Mike was out chasing his ball when it bounced into a garbage can. Mike dove in after it and wound up in a mysterious underworld filled with alligators. Can he come up with a plan to get the alligators out of the sewers and back to the swamps where they belong?

Ancient Egypt: Jigsaw Puzzle Story Book By Alex Ganz

Title Ancient Egypt Jigsaw Puzzle Story BookAuthor Alex GanzISBN-10 1844517241ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Four Fantastic Jigsaws to complete featuring pyramids, hieroglyphics and the amazing King Tut!

Best Ever Activity Book By Nick Huckleberry Beak Petra Boase Thomasina Smith Jacki Wadeson

Title Best Ever Activity BookAuthor Nick Huckleberry Beak, Petra Boase, Thomasina Smith, Jacki WadesonISBN-10 1840385340ISBN-13 9.78E+11Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Friendship bracelets; Face and body painting; Fabulous hairstyles; Fancy dress masks; T-shirt painting; Model-making; Sneaky tricks; Balloon fun; Juggling; Magic The craft activity book for kids who want to do everything from clay model-making to face painting, from juggling to magic tricks! The only rainy day activity book that kids will want to use evey day! 123 wonderful (and wacky!) things for 7-to 12-year-olds to make and do. Clear step-by-step photography for every project and lively finished pictures to inspire and delight.

Bugs (Action Pack) By Belinda Gallagher

Title Bugs (Action Pack) By Belinda GallagherAuthor Belinda GallagherISBN13 9781848101319Synopsis A sturdy box with magnetic clasp containing a giant extreme bugs poster, fun cartoon book, magnifying glass, 8 identity cards and one sticker sheetPublisher Miles Kelly Publishing LtdFormat Mixed media product, 32 pages

Childrens Treasury Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe

Title Children s Treasury Robinson CrusoeAuthor Daniel DefoeISBN-10 753712318ISBN-13 9780753712313Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis This Book tells the story of a boy, Robinson Crusoe, who runs away to sea and finds himself the sole surviver of a ship wreck. He is washed up on an uninhabited island and we learn of his adventures and striggles to make this Island of Despair his home. He learns how to make his own tools and furniture, how to cook and hunt, how to plant his first harvest and build himself a home with animal skins and trees from the forest. As his skills increase, he gradually turns his island into a tropical paradise and accepts his lonely life. But then, one day, he discovers footprints in the sand and realizes he is no longer alone... This edition, written specially for children, is imaginatively illustrated with colour artwork by Edwardian artist, A.E. Jackson, and brings to life the day-to-day existence of Crusoe. Based on the real-life adventure of Alexander Selkirk, Robinson Crusoe was written more than 270 years ago and continues to thrill girls and boys of all ages.

Classic Bible Stories By Rhona Davies

Title Classic Bible StoriesAuthor Rhona DaviesISBN-10 340910410ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Celebrating the best of the Bible in word and picture, this collection of classic stories is illustrated by talented young artist, Tommaso dIncalci, bringing them to life for a new generation of readers.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Cubes

Title Dinosaur Jigsaw CubesAuthor ISBN-10 1844517179ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Six amazing jigsaw cubes with a fantastic mini storybook. Great fun for any age! Learn about some of the awesome creatures which roamed the earth in the Late Jurassic Period. Use the mini book as a reference for the puzzle cubes.

Dreamflight By Brigitta Garcia Lopez

Title DreamflightAuthor Brigitta Garcia LopezISBN-10 735820244ISBN-13 9.78074E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis One night Max awakens to see his race car flying around his bedroom. At the wheel is an extraordinary winged creature. Its Wilbur, Maxs personal guardian angel. Wilbur explains that guardian angels are always with you. Usually were invisible, he says. But I thought that because you just moved here and seemed so lonely and bored I would make myself visible to cheer you up. Max is delighted. Wilbur is a bit mischievous and very greedy, gobbling chocolate whenever he can. But hes so much fun and he teaches Max the art of dreamflying! What a time they have, soaring through the sky together, until one day Wilbur nearly crashes. Hes gotten too fat for his little wings. No more chocolate for him! But that means he has to turn invisible again. Can max sacrifice the joy of flying for his guardian angel? Comical illustrations animate this buoyant tale of sharing and caring thats sure to have all the children who have ever longed to fly wishing for a guardian angel like Wilbur.

Egypt (Action Files) By Rupert Matthews

Title Egypt (Action Files) By Rupert MatthewsAuthor Rupert MatthewsISBN13 9781848100237Synopsis Explore the extraordinary land of ancient Egypt with this fully interactive book. Packed with fascinating facts and actvities, it contains all you ever wanted to know about the land of the Nile.Publisher Miles Kelly Publishing LtdFormat Hardback, 24 pages

Fairy Ballerina Jigsaw Book By Jake Jackson

Title Fairy Ballerina Jigsaw BookAuthor Jake JacksonISBN-10 1844517985ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Four Magical Jigsaws to complete.

Fairy Story Jigsaw Book By Jake Jackson

Title Fairy Story Jigsaw BookAuthor Jake JacksonISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis Four incredible Fairyland Jigsaws featuring a beautiful new story from the Land of the Fairies.

Fairyland: My First Fairy Story By Jake Jackson

Title Fairyland My First Fairy StoryAuthor Jake JacksonISBN-10 184451868XISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis A magical introduction to early learning A fun and sparkly fairy story full of Princes and Princesses, fairies and love. The enchanting illustrations of Jean and Ron Henry provide a wonderful early learning opportunity which encourages your child to learn a series of first words through repetition and reading. Ideal for children aged 3 to 6.

Fairyland: My First Words

Title Fairyland My First WordsAuthor ISBN-10 1844516857ISBN-13 9.78E+12Category Children 4-8yrsSynopsis A magical introduction to early learning A fun and sparkly way to introduce your child to words. With magical illustrations, this wonderful early learning book will encourage your child to learn new words and stir their imagination. Ideal for children aged 3 to 6.