Fish Eye

Sony 16mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens


Get a fascinating perspective on landscapes, cities, crowds and special events with the unique view of the 180 degree angle SAL-16 F2.8 fish-eye lens.The SAL-16 F2.8 is a superb fisheye lens with a look all its own. This unique lens provides a fascinating perspective on landscapes, cities, crowds and special events. With a 180 degree angle of view and extraordinary corner-to-corner sharpness, this lens achieves crisp, clear detail from about 8 inches to infinity. Mounted on the Sony DSLR-A100 camera, it provides a 110 angle of view with 24mm focal length (35mm equivalent). A Unique View of the World. With exaggerated perspective and intriguing visual distortion, this fisheye lens brings images closer to the focal plane for a view beyond the ability of human eye. 4 Rotating Filters. Built-in filters can be selected by simply rotating a dial on the lens -- including Normal, 056 for accented contrast in B and W photos, B12 to correct color by eliminating red tones, A12 to correct color by eliminating blue tones.


Dimensions (Approx.) 2 15/16 x 2 5/8 (75 x 66.5mm) Weight (Approx.) 14oz (400g) Aperture (Min.) f/22 Aspheric Elements no aspheric blades 7 Aperture blades Depth-of-Field Yes Distance Scale Yes Filter Diameter Integrated Focal Length APS 24mm (35mm Equivalent 16mm) Lens Groups-Elements 8 groups, 11 elements Lens Type Wide Angle Wide Angle Zoom Magnification x 0.15 Minimum Focus Distance 20cm


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