Sony HVL-F20AM Compact Flash for α DSLR Cameras

Sony HVL-F42AM Flash for #945; DSLR Cameras

See Sony Product Webpage for further details. Fill the frame with the perfect amount of light using this high-powered flash. Built specifically for your versatile Sony DSLR camera, this flash features wireless functions and a wide illumination range. The Sony HVL-F42AM flash unit gives DSLR photographers powerful illumination, adjustable bounce angles, wireless remote capability and intelligent features like ADI metering, auto white balance, auto zoom and high-speed sync perfect for formal portraits, weddings and special events, still-life photography, hobby shots and more. High-power illumination (guide number 42) Auto white balance (signals color temp. to camera) Wireless operation for quick setup and adjustment. Fast recharging -- up to 38% quicker than HVL-F36. Versatile bounce angles 90 up, 90 left, 180 right. Retractable wide-angle panel (16mm angle). ADI metering capability, high-speed sync. Longer effective range of over 30 ft. (10.5m) Auto zoom optimized for camera sensor size. Simple controls, test button, power saving mode.


Sony HVL-F58AM Flash for α DSLR Cameras