Sony Cord And Connection (USB-AV)

Sony ECM-HW1 wireless microphone for Handycam

SONY Product Webpage CLICK HERE Use of lead-free solder (use 100% in weight) Lead-free solder is used for soldering. Packaging cushion - Corrugated cardboard Corrugated cardboard is used for the packaging cushions. Reduction and phase-out of halogenated flame retardant(100%) Halogenated flame retardants are not used in cabinets and in printed wiring boards. PVC PVC is not used for the cables, plugs or internal wiring. Bluetooth1 wireless microphone for Handycam camcorder

Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Works with HDR-XR520 240GB HD Handycam Camcorder HDR-XR200 120GB HD Handycam Camcorder HDR-CX500 High Definition Handycam Camcorder HDR-XR500 120GB HD Handycam Camcorder HDR-CX520 High Definition Handycam Camcorder HDR-HC9 MiniDV HD Handycam Camcorder DCR-SR60 30GB Handycam Camcorder High Definition Handycam Camcorder HDR-SR7 DCR-DVD910 DVD Handycam Camcorder High Definition Handycam Camcorder HDR-CX7 DCR-SR82 60GB Handycam Camcorder Record from afar. Through Bluetooth wireless technology for secure recordings, the ECM-HW2 wireless microphone communicates from distances up to approximately 100 feet. It also features two-way communication, and you can shoot while still talking to a friend up to 100 meters from the camcorder. The microphone and receiver unit are even equipped with earphone jacks that correspond to 5.1ch Center Mic mode. 1 Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone 1 Receiver 1 Arm band 1 Wind screen 2 Ear phone 1 Earphone hanger 1 Carrying pouch

Sony VF-R37NK Handycam Filter Kit Neutral density (37mm)

Sony VF-R37NK Handycam Filter Neutral Density Filter improves contrast and detail especially in bright sunlight (e.g. on the beach, ski slope, etc.). Lens Protection Filter protects lens from dust, fingerprints, scratches, etc. Lens Size 37 mm Colour silver Materials aluminium, glass


Sony FA-MA1AM Macro Light Adaptor

Sony HVL-20DW2 20w-10w L Series Video Light 169

Sony HVL-20DW2 Battery Video Light 20W/10W 20 W Halogen Light Powered by L Series InfoLITHIUM Battery (not supplied) 10 W / 20 W Option Dimensions (W x H x D) 48 x 115 x 64mm Weight 100 gr


Sony Handycam VCL HGA07B 0.75x Wide Conversion Lens VCL-HGA07B

Sony LCS-X10 Camcorder Case (Compatible with Sony HDR-XR105E HDR-XR200VE HDR-XR520E HDR-CX110E HDR-CX105E HDR-TG3E

Sony LCS-X10 Camcorder Case (Compatible with Sony HDR-XR105E, HDR-XR200VE, HDR-XR520E, HDR-CX110E, HDR-CX105E, HDR-TG3E, Package Contents 1 Sony LCS-X10 Camcorder CaseSpecifications New design X Series compact carrying case Case carries Handycam? or digital camera plus accessories Stain resistant material Dimensions 175 x 120 x 110mm Weight 145g


Sony NP-F970 F970 Original INFOLITHIUM Battery Pack For HDR-FX1000E HDR-FX7E



Sony NP-FH70 FH70 Original INFOLITHIUM H series 1800mAh Battery

Sony NP-FH70 Original Battery Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country. Never miss a precious moment with STAMINA super long battery life. New ActiFORCE battery technology for higher capacity, faster recharging time and more accurate and fast remaining capacity indication. Hybrid Lithium-ion cells with no Memory Effect. Compatible with older P-series battery operated Camcorders Power 6.8 V / 12.2Wh / 1800mAh


Sony RMVD1 Wired Remote Control for Handycam© Camcorders


Sony Shoulder Strap Brown (STP-SS3AM)


Sony VCT-60AV Handycam Remote Control Tripod

Sony VCT-80AV Handycam Camcorder Tripod with Remote in Grip

Sony VCT-80AV Handycam Tripod High-performance tripod with pan handle / remote commander High-grade oil fluid head for smooth operation Compatible with Handycam models featuring A/V remote connector Record start/stop Shutter release for still photos Zoom control (8 speeds) with Slow Zoom mode for slow, smooth zooms Guide frame button superimposes vertical and horizontal lines to assist accurate composition (feature available on selected Handycam models) Power on/off button Maximum load 4kg (approx) Maximum tilt angle (down/up) 90 /60 Height adjustment 630-1670mm (3-stage leg extension and elevator with crank) Weight 1.7kg Supplied with carrying case