Magic Sing Karaoke

Magic Sing® is a designation brand for karaoke products designed by Enter Tech Corp. Korea. Established in 1994, Enter Tech Corp. has become one of the major leaders in the family entertainment industry specializing in compact video karaoke system with its principal components developed such as ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), Analogue and Digital wireless technology, FM transmitting function, priceless karaoke songs formatted in MIDI which is either being embedded into the microphone or into each customized individual song packs to inspire happiness, camaraderie and entertainment among its users worldwide. Enter- Tech has pioneered the creation of portable hand-held karaoke systems in the amusement industry. Coupled with incomparable after-sales customer service, Enter Tech has fast become the most successful company in this sector.

Enter Tech's product, the ever-popular brand Magic Sing® is the most advanced multi-media karaoke system compacted into a single microphone unit. It enables customers to easily connect it to TV and sing along with the lyrics displayed on the screen. Enter Tech Corp. has grown exponentially and gained lasting recognition not only in Japan where the karaoke industry had been introduced and developed, but also in various overseas markets such as North and South America, Middle East, Europe (Germany), India, South East Asia (Philippines) and many other potential markets.

Grand Buys owner is an authorised distributor and reseller of Magic Sing® karaoke products. As the customer you can rest easily, knowing you will provided with quality after-sales service including Enter Tech's 12 months manufacturer warranty on Magic Sing karaoke systems.


Developed for consumers requiring audio excellence. Magic Sing Karaoke systems and accessories are portable with a superb range of featues. Boasting  powerful and accurate microphone and sound reproduction, plug & play to TV functionality, mobile and portable capabiltiy, compact exchangeable song chips, recording of songs, beautiful background themes, and a host of singing, game, home, family and party features, these systems will bring life to your recreational times and evenings.

In a very compact design, Magic Sing Microphones combine the microphone with CD/DVD player and sound system to create beautiful high-tech microphones. Instead of hundreds of CDs scattered around with old karaoke systems, Magic Sing has thousands of songs stored inside a single high-tech song chip along with your favourite songs. The small song chip slides quickly in-and-out of any Magic Sing portable karaoke system. Magic Sing song chips cover a wide variety of themes and genres including kids, country, holiday, pop, rock and much more. Song chips include English, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Hindi and many other languages.

Song chips are compatible with karaoke systems by Enter Tech Magic Sing, Leadsinger, Magic Singalong, or Wow Magic Sing and unlike traditional karaoke CDs, they are easy to transport and highly durable against damaging scratches. Extra accessories include wireless or wired microphones(sub or duet), chargers, song book or song list binders, exchangeable song chips and lists, recording chips and carry cases. Magic Sing portable karaoke systems come with 12 months international manufacturer warranty. Browse the Magic Sing Karaoke Category for the products that interest you.